How Escape Rooms Help Build Better Teams





1. Communication

Whether you’re trying to figure out an encrypted Morse code or trying to break into a bank, communication is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to beating an escape room. The saying “two heads are better than one” is true…but only when there’s good communication. When you’re stuck in close quarters with a mountain of puzzles, you’ll have to rely on communicating with your partners in order to succeed.


2. Dopamine Rush

There is almost always a satisfaction factor when you figure out a puzzle or unlock a lock. When your team succeeds together, you get a dopamine rush, that feeling that makes you feel good. The feel-good feeling carries on to help build better relationships.


3. Finding your Strengths

Often times you’ll be able to find your own strength under stressful situations. This is true even more so for escape rooms. The best way to beat an escape room is by finding every person’s strength, splitting up and then reconvening. Puzzles are often divided up into searching/finding, mechanical and analytical based. It’s best to determine each person’s strength beforehand and have a game plan when going in.